Turn the World Around You Into a 3D Model: The RealityScan App Comes to iOS Devices

Much has been made about augmented reality and its ilk, including a whole growing segment of technology looking to make it easier to take real-world objects and locations and translate them into 3D objects and spaces.

four people playing virtual reality glasses
Four people sitting in a circle wearing virtual reality headsets. Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos

That’s the inspiration behind the Epic Games RealityScan app, which is now available on iOS devices. Ostensibly aimed at 3D modeling creators and artists, the app takes a photo and the objects in it and generates a model that exactly matches the captured subject. That’s the theory at least, but reviews say the current iteration of the app leaves a lot to be desired when rubber meets the road.

That said, it’s a cool start for what will likely be a huge time-saver for everyone from digital artists to video game studios and beyond. As part of this effort, objects rendered in 3D can be uploaded to Epic’s Sketchfab and edited and/or sold.

As Engadget reports, the app works best so far with simple objects in indirect light without a wet surface. The website further reports that the app seems best suited for larger objects at this point in its development cycle. Despite the current shortcomings, there is a lot of promise here and almost everyone seems to agree with it. If successful, technology like this will certainly accelerate the development of media that use digital assets, including games and films. Engadget also speculates that things like RealityScan will be essential if the metaverse concept is ever to take off.

You can see the app’s landing page on the iOS store at this link.

If you can download and try the RealityScan app, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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