Hotel Photography at Tu Tu Tun Lodge

Hotel Photography at Tu Tu Tun Lodge

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when we arrived to shoot at the Tu Tu Tun Lodge in Gold Beach, Oregon. First off, the name is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Sounds esoteric, but the sound of the words doesn’t give me any clues. Second: Gold Beach? I thought, “Gold Beach is nothing, right?”

Leading up to the shoot, all conversations with the marketing team were VERY informative. Well planned. Full of consideration. I thought– “these people really have their stuff together.” This project has the potential to be much more than your average coastal hotel show.

But as we rolled up the driveway in the fading light at 4pm, I was unprepared for how beautiful, relaxing, warm and welcoming we would find Tu Tu Tun Lodge. Starting as a humble fishing hut, it has grown and developed into a beautiful and comfortable home away from home with stunning views, luxurious rooms and delicious food.

Our clients at Columbia Hospitality provide us with all the access and support we need to cover cottage rooms, whole home rentals, and restaurants. Along the way we had the opportunity to experience the warm care and friendliness you will find. I was told that people make annual reservations when they leave each season.

Main arrival at Tu Tu Tun LodgeThe swimming pool at Tu Tu Tun LodgeTu Tu Tun Lodge Lobby seating areaView of the Tu Tu Tun Lodge Dining RoomValls Ttt 2472Valls Ttt 2293Valls Ttt 2349Valls Fireplace Ttt 11Valls Ttt Chinooksuite 11Valls Ttt Ospreybend 45Valls Ttt 2523As Tu Tu Tun Lodge expands their marketing reach, you may find this or other photos on their website or in a promotion.

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