21 Magical Photos of Christmas Trees


Late December is the time of year when you will see decorated Christmas trees everywhere, and it is truly a joy to see these beautiful trees, especially when they are decorated in style.

To take a truly memorable Christmas tree photo, you need to focus on lighting, composition, and background – it’s important to consider all of these factors when composing your photograph. You can also play with perspective and capture holiday scenes in unusual and refreshing ways.

Check out the following 21 pictures who uses Christmas trees in creative ways! To learn more about composition tricks you can use to enhance your Christmas photos, download this incredibly useful eBook on Advanced Composition.

family christmas tree
Copyright – Jonathan Borba
cat with christmas decorations
Copyright – Kevin Turcios
sparkling christmas lights
Copyright – Caleb Tapp
natal radial composition
Copyright – Max Bovkun
snow on tree branches
Copyright – Luke Hodde
white christmas tree
Copyright – Mike Blank
cute christmas decorations
Copyright – Michael Payne
christmas tree bokeh
Copyright – Morgane Le Breton
closeup of christmas decoration
Copyright – Sapan Patel
dim light christmas tree
Copyright – Simon Lohmann
minimalist christmas
Copyright – Davies Design Studio

To learn more about composition techniques in photography and enhance your Christmas tree shots, download this eBook on Advanced Composition.

You will get the following:

  • 7 Important Tips For Composition
  • 3 Steps to Perfect Composition You Need to Know
  • 5 Great Composition Tips To Improve Your Photography
unadorned Christmas tree
Copyright – Alain Gehri
decorate the tree at home
Copyright – Arun Kuchibhotla
wooden christmas decorations
Copyright – Catalina Macovei
creative minimal christmas tree
Copyright – Kelly Sikkema
white christmas tree
Copyright – Nathan Dumlao
low light golden decoration
Copyright – Nick Fewings
bokeh christmas tree
Copyright – Osman Rana
bokeh red christmas decoration
Copyright – Tessa Rampersad
christmas light painting
Copyright – Umesh Sonni
cat with christmas decorations
Copyright – Andreas Brun

Check out our Advanced Composition e-book for more information on composition tricks. This easy-to-follow, 239-page practical guide is packed with training assignments!

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