Henry Turns One – Sunshine Photography

What a beautiful session this one is.

This is the month when Henry was one year old.

Of all the milestones in life, I think being a milestone is one to remember on all accounts.

365 days in charge of a new and unexpected little human. 365 days of transformation. 365 days of finding a new love you didn’t know existed within you. Everyone tells you; and you know it will change you, but you are still overwhelmed with the amount of love that resides within you for the new little person that fills your days.

Some parents celebrated by smashing cake, some by capturing their little one’s first birthday, but Henry’s parents opted for the family session starting at home with a few breastfeeding photos because as Moms (who were lucky enough to have had an easy breastfeeding journey) we know it all too. good mixed feelings when weaning to eat. It’s truly a wonderful time to bond and it’s always sad when it ends.

Our session ends outdoors perched atop a mountain enjoying the golden hour and appreciating all the light that touches this afternoon.

I had the pleasure of capturing labor and newborn sessions for Henry and his Mum & Dad, so to see them again and see how much he’s grown is such a privilege.

Thanks Henry (and Mom and Dad) for a lovely afternoon with x

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