Commercial Photo Studio and Photographer in London from BlendStudios

If you’re looking for a commercial photo studio in London, here are three reasons to choose Blend.

  1. Our team is small, friendly, and adaptable. You can send us your stuff to be photographed – or you can attend a shoot and be as fussy as you like.
  2. Commercial photographers at our London studio have them perfect credentials. Having done shoots for Debenhams, ASOS, and The Body Shop, they know how to get the best angles on anything.
  3. Results speak for themselves. You can check out some of our favorites on the website – from graphic product compilations to fashion editorials and pretty cosmetics shots. Ask if you want more.

Ready to improve your visuals? Want to see if better commercial photography can increase your audience and sales? Give us a challenge. Our commercial photographers at Blend Studios London are waiting to receive your briefing.


  • Top-end product photography. For new launches and launches, new collections and a new spin on the old. You need Blend to transform your products or package shots into irresistible eye-candy.
  • Get wild. If you want a commercial photographer with a fresh look, modern graphic style images, or stunning lighting – contact us. We love creating something no one has seen before. We love working with art directors and marketing experts. Let’s off grid.
  • Retouching shots – we do this ourselves, whether it’s enhancing details, correcting colors or adding a creative touch. Your shots will be sharp and easy to use in print and online. They will be delivered in the format you need for your application.
  • Hey wait! So can we turn your images into eye-catching GIFs. Perfect for growing your social media audience (they’ll love the shareable GIFs). Love seeing peas popping out of a bag, or a parade of handbags? Come up with your own ideas, or ask us for suggestions.


All those who have managed to develop an amazing product, only to take a quick snap and put it on the internet? That would be like cooking dinner from scratch and then eating it from the dog’s bowl.

Yes, you can share your new product with online influencers, who might take some great photos. How about taking your own shot with a big piece of white card and HuaWei?

Neither of these options replace real professional commercial photography. In the long run, it’s worth investing in a professional brand image from the start. We think (and most successful brands agree) there is still enormous value in professional shots. Here’s what our photographer says you’ll get for your money. The right product launch requires proper imagery, creative and well-executed – don’t disappoint your audience with DIY masterpieces. We are sure you will be very pleased with your Blend portfolio. Our sensational product shots are priceless in sales.


An experienced commercial photographer is a real asset to your brand. Blend Studios has always specialized in package shooting and commercial photography. Our photographers know how to design lighting that will make your products look crisp and fresh. We understand the importance of capturing detail and color (so that the end user is happy with the product) and we will make sure we don’t miss a trick, photographing the product from every angle. Consistency is very important in your commercial photography, and we can ensure that the shots look just as good from one season to the next.

Of course, you may be looking for something radical. If your marketing department has more creative aspirations for your photography, you need to talk to Blend. Our work in the cosmetics, fashion and perfume industries has demonstrated our expertise in creating exciting and unexpected imagery. If you want a knockout image for your landing page, contact the studio.


  • We love creative challenges. Let’s think beyond the usual product shots and explore some ideas with you.
  • In addition to the product, we may take pictures of you or your influencers, including behind the scenes photos
  • Attribute? Ask for advice or bring your own – the possibilities are endless.
  • Need models? We can order it if you tell us about the brand and audience.
  • Ask our technical team for advice on bringing your product to life – perfume is sprayed, food is served, drinks are poured.


Blend is based in North London. are you close? Big. Contact us anytime to book a shoot at our commercial photography studio. A little farther? That’s cool – you might want to travel for the first shoot, but after that, we’re equipped with the ability to unpack and photograph new products on your behalf. It’s an efficient and simple way to get your latest stock shots, especially if you update frequently.

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