Groom works on laptop at his wedding? Viral photo leaves netizens fuming

Ever since the pandemic began, work from home became a norm in most offices and work-life balance went for a toss. The concept of fixed working hours went haywire for people working from home as they are mostly expected to be available on call even when they are on a vacation.

However, a man took work from home too far when he posed for a photo of himself working on a laptop on his wedding day. While the photo could have been a staged one, intended to be funny, it didn’t go down well with netizens who disapproved of it and charged that it promoted a “toxic work culture”.

The photo was posted by Calcutta Instagrammers, an Instagram community of Kolkata, four days ago and it has received more than 11,000 likes. “When “work from home” stretches you to the next level,” they captioned the pic that shows a groom working on a laptop as a priest performing some rituals.

See the post below:

“I am not sure if this is staged or real. i know its funny in some extend but dont promote toxic work culture behavior,” commented a user. “This guy may not be working, perhaps switching up his music playlist ? Or, the photograph was taken for effect,” wrote another. “I don’t find this funny. No organization asks an employee to work on their wedding day, this person needs to get a life and learn work life balance if this is really true and not staged! God bless the woman he’s marrying,” shared a third. “Don’t promote toxic work culture, this is nothing to be proud of,” another netizen wrote.

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