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The naked woman on the poster and the black umbrella seller looked at each other

Since finishing work on our Genoa apartment, The Significant Other and I have gone to our new “Southern home” a few times. But since then, the weather hasn’t been our friend. Little sun, lots of rain and very inconsistent. Not what you expect from Italy. It also rains in Genoa. But then again, the weather here is completely in line with the wet winters and mostly gray springs we experience in Germany. But Street Photographers don’t care. Grabs a raincoat and camera, turns on the serene monochrome preset and heads out to capture street stories…..

Door of the Palazzo Ducale Genoa
Motion in a Genoa carruggi
Woman crossing the road carrying an umbrella
Dancing girl behind the window frame
Girl and dog walking in front of Bata shop in Genoa

Today I took the Olympus PEN-F and mZuiko 25mm F/1.8 (50mm full frame equivalent) for a spin on the wet Genoa road. Haven’t touched this old street shooter (I got this camera 7 years ago) since December 2019. But I really enjoy this little package, light as a feather when compared to my Leica SL2-S “brick”, especially when combined with Elmarit 24-70mm. Though I wish the PEN-F was as weather-resistant as the Leica on this very rainy day.

I’ve moved the PEN-F and my collection of micro primes 4/3 to Genoa to install resident cameras in our “Southern home” as well. At least now it will be used again regularly And I look forward to it.

Have a nice Friday!


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