“Boring Metal Things” – Commercial Photographer John Valls

“Boring Metal Thing”

A previous client called us a few days ago asking for photographer recommendations. He worked with us when he presided over a hot downtown hotel. Now he is the VP of marketing at an industrial company that makes brewing equipment. He said he had hundreds of cast and machined parts that required photography, and did we know anyone who did this kind of work.

i tell him, “We did!” With great passion.

Our studio is perfect for shows like this. We were able to load from the driveway, working lots of parts over several days. It’s warm, it’s sunny, it’s cozy, and we can listen to whatever music or podcast we like. Just because work is basic doesn’t mean we pass it on. We are always happy to create useful photos for our clients and customers.

Plus, sometimes this job is just as challenging as any other job. Creating informative, accurate, and eye-catching photos is the goal, whether it’s a restaurant or ratcheting rope. We used the same skill with the ventilation hose and the wine bottle.

So if “boring metal stuff” is part of your marketing challenge, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll serve you coffee and work on your list so you can move your project forward. hooks for truck loadsCabin 900 1Dfghg7 L 1Sbh 4.5 4t 1

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