19 Magical Photos of Blooming Trees


It’s hard not to be overwhelmed with pure joy at the sight of the trees in bloom – they are a beautiful harbinger of spring, perhaps the best season for many of us. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, now is the perfect time to take a careful look while strolling around and taking in all that beautiful tree bloom!

Needless to say, flowers and trees are very photogenic. If you want to improve composition in your nature photography, I suggest you take a look at this very useful e-book on Advanced Composition! Your shot of a blooming tree doesn’t have to be too simple – feel free to experiment with colors, shapes, negative space and so on.

blooming cherry tree
Photo by Victoria Nazaruk
lilac tree bloom
Photo by Anna Zakharova
macro tree bloom
Photo by Alfred Schrock
blooming tree portrait
Photo by Eugene Zhivchik
sunset blooming trees
Photo by Daniela Izotenko
flowering tree
Photo by Aaron Burden
blooming negative space tree
Photo by Ja Kubislav
yellow flower bush
Photo by Irina Iriser
fresh field
Photo by Rovshan Allahverdiyev
wide angle tree
Photo by Grooveland Design

Learn more about composition techniques and dramatically improve your nature shots! Download this e-book on Advanced Composition.

You will get the following:

  • 7 Important Tips For Composition
  • 3 Steps to Perfect Composition You Need to Know
  • 5 Amazing Composition Tips To Improve Your Photography
pink blooming bridge
Photo by Dylan Sauerwein
red flowering shrub
Photo by Irina Iriser
trees and spring meadow
Photo by Tessa Terrus
city ​​spring
Photo by Jake Weirick
golden cherry tree sunset
Photo by Patrick Mueller
spring twilight
Photo by Caleb Wright
girl with flowers
Photo by Megan Ruth
flowering branch
Photo by Khurt Williams
spring lake
Photo by Redd

Check out our Advanced Composition e-book for more information on composition tricks. This easy-to-follow, 239-page practical guide is packed with training assignments!

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