Bride calls out bridesmaid for ‘groping’ her husband in wedding photos

Published: 2022-12-18T21:51:14

Updated: 2022-12-18T21:51:36

A newly married woman went viral on TikTok after sharing wedding photos, which showed her bridesmaid getting handsy with her husband.

After receiving photos from her big day, Heather Lynn (heatherlynn6977) was stunned when she noticed the woman holding her man’s hand, and posing near his groin.

“Getting your wedding photos back and [noticing] something,” she captioned her video, which featured several stills of the bridesmaid apparently groping her groom, Travis, during their nuptials.

In the pics, the unnamed woman was seen standing next to Travis, linking arms with him, placing her hand near his crotch, and grabbing his hand, as he and his oblivious bride smiled for the camera.

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“I guess I’m getting a sister wife,” Heather joked in the now-deleted video, which went viral with more than 18 million views.

TikTok users flocked to the comments to condemn the bridesmaid.

“A sister wife? I’d be getting a divorce,” one user wrote, convinced that the bridesmaid and groom are having an affair.

“My thoughts are that the photographer is trying to tell you something,” another said. “Did she not get the memo that she was not the bride?!” a third added.

“Definitely something going on there,” someone else commented.

In a follow-up video, Heather’s husband explained that the bridesmaid was unstable and about to fall, so she grabbed onto him for stability.

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“The photographer told the bridal party to do a crazy pose while my wife and I were kissing, and she did and almost fell over,” he shared.

“Sorry to disappoint everybody who wanted me to be a cheater and the bridesmaid to be a homewrecker,” he said. “She did not touch my crotch. It just looks like she did.”

The bride also defended the bridesmaid against critics and described her as a “former work wife” and friend.

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