Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots | Published!

I literally screamed when the inquiry form came in.

(I have to pretend like I’m cold, but there it is there’s no chill to be had.)

Look, Mary Marantz and her husband Justin are on my list of my top 5 favorite photographers of all time, some of the BEST artists in the world. Matt and I have had the privilege of getting in front of J&M’s cameras on a number of occasions, and I would literally buy a coffee table book of their wedding masterpiece if they were selling it.

Several years ago, Mary started moving from photographer to author, the role he had been destined for for years. I have heard Mary speak from the stage many times, and her way of speaking is unparalleled. Her first book, Dirt, which debuts in Fall 2020, is both moving and awe-inspiring in the way it tells its origin story.

Mary’s been on my dream client list since I started shooting brand portraits, and when she emailed about working together for photos for her next book, it was *absolutely* a pinch me!! moment.

She explained that the book would focus on finding rest in the world of achievers, consisting of a series of entries and prayers aimed at the woman who struggles with the feeling that she has to do her way to be worthy. The book would include some of J&M’s own editorial photos over the years, but then they also needed new pictures of Mary as a writer, at work, as a wife and partner, and more to help sort things out.

We scheduled shooting for late May 2021, and since Mary’s book is scheduled for release in Spring 2022, we had to wrap things up by now! So needless to say, I have dying to share some highlights with you guys, and now that the book is out, I’m even more excited for you all to get your hands on a copy!

Now exit: Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots

Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots, by Mary Marantz |  Abby Grace photography

This is easily the most amazing book I have ever held, and the words in it are, if possible, even more beautiful. Entry #4, specifically- “On Filters and Underdog Films.” GOSH is a punch to the gut, in the most exhilarating way.

You can order your copy on Amazon!

It was only fitting that the book arrived while I was out in my garden, a heavy heart because our adoption had fallen the week before. Sitting on the edge of my garden bed slowly turning each page, reading Mary’s encouraging words and looking at some of my own work on the pages of her book… I felt seen and held by God in a way I have been struggling with lately.

Small moments of grace.

So I ran inside, grabbed my camera and shot it right next to the azalea bushes with my garden tools (and a French basket for extra effect, bien-sûr). And at that moment, I felt His face shining on me once again.

Enjoy a peek into some of my favorite pages from Mary’s latest book! And stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post- I’ll be sharing more from the shoot itself!

Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots, by Mary Marantz |  Abby Grace photography
Drooling at the design of this book. It feels like a piece of editorial art.

Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots, by Mary Marantz |  Abby Grace photographySlow Growth Equals Strong Roots, by Mary Marantz |  Abby Grace photography

This is *probably* my favorite photo in the entire book!

Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots, by Mary Marantz |  Abby Grace photography

Gosh, what a thrill. Maria, I’M SO PROUD OF YOU! This book is a work of art and heart, and it was a privilege to play a small part in helping to put it together!

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