Thieves Steal $178k worth of Leica from San Francisco Store

San Francisco is not the easiest place in the world to become a photographer.

Street surrounded by tall buildings in San Francisco.
Street surrounded by tall buildings in San Francisco. Photo by Rezaul Karim

For those of you who have stuck with this blog for the past few years, we’ve covered more than a few stories of photographers being robbed in San Francisco. From tourists in the park to news crews to even the case of a thief who tracked a man to his home, forty miles away, only to rob them, we’ve covered it all.

But today’s story takes the cake when it comes to dollar amounts, around $USD 178,000 to be exact. That’s why some brash (and quick) thieves in San Francisco who recently stole from a Leica storefront, ABC News 7 reports, in addition to $20,000 in damages to the store itself. How long would it take a crew of three to steal that much stuff? About three minutes, with one person serving as a kind of lookout and another opening the display case to take out what’s inside. ABC 7 News also reports that this isn’t the first incident of its kind in the neighborhood with an upscale Louis Vuitton boutique being the victim of a previous robbery last year along with other incidents.

Given how profitable these kinds of heists can be, some wonder if more could be done by manufacturers to at least recover this kind of merchandise – especially if you’re the owner whose camera was stolen and pawned. in a shop. When you consider how much protection there is on a smartphone, it’s surprising that more isn’t done to prevent this sort of thing.

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