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by Johnny Martyr

Ever since I was a young art student visiting museums on class field trips, I loved buying postcards depicting the work of my favorite artists. Most people can’t afford original prints of famous photographs, and who really wants to display large prints that are less than the originals? The small postcard-sized prints also make viewers lean in and take a close look. Between all of this and its easy storage, display, and even durability, I’ve grown quite partial to printing my photos on postcards.

Over the years I have sent clients, magazines, websites and others who have supported my photography thank you postcards for doing so. Also for quite some time, I’ve been selling my 8×12 silver gelatin molds. Usually they go to the office and other movie fanatics. But to be honest, most people seem content to see my work on a computer screen at the price I charge for a fine silver gelatin. Then there’s the matting and the framing and the real estate that pictures like this one take up. I see. All of this makes sense.

So I thought, how do I sell real prints while keeping costs low and not forcing people to put walls in their homes on me?


Simple. Small and sturdy 4×6″ postcard.

You can put it in a drawer and flip through it when you want. You can stick it in your fridge. You can pin it to a bulletin board. Clip them on your sun visor. Or, if you really want to, you’re still free to sheathe and frame it!

Gaze into those deep blacks without burning your eyes on your smartphone or computer monitor. Touch something made by others and another classic camera!

For this holiday season, I’m offering a set of four all-new, never-before-printed Johnny Martyr postcards for just $30, delivered. Continental United States only!

Two of the shots are from my recent trip to Paris. One of them is from my Leica 1930 and displayed by Kodak Professional. Lastly is a street photo that I have been trying to capture precisely for years.

I’ll sign and number them too – limited to 15 copies only. Almost like a real work of art!

And I also included one additional randomly selected postcard that I had previously printed, just for fun!

Please order via

Just type “postcard” in the description and I’ll send it to you right away!

Thanks for keeping film photography alive!

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