Picsart’s New AI Generative Tool Creates Entirely New Objects, Scenes

We have some exciting new Picsart features to tell you about today and, like many of our headlines lately, this involves AI.

robots playing the piano
Robot playing piano/composing music. Photo by Possessed Photography

What did we get today?

To start with, Picsart’s latest update lets you change the background of your photos. It’s really no big deal, right? Except for that it will generate one for you from a whole cloth – a theme we’ve covered on this blog several times – and, when coupled with the second update, really opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities for users.

The second update involves replacing individual objects in photos with, you guessed it, AI-generated objects. One example shows an ice cream cone with an edited image of replacing the ice cream in the cone with a pine tree. The other shows your everyday house plants on a white background while the second photo shows that background replaced with a tropical beach scene.

Picsart Vice President of Products Lusine Harutyunyan said in a press release introducing the features, “The new AI Background will serve as a very helpful tool for marketers to place their products in different scenes, while the Replace AI tool brings more possibilities for creativity. without limit. We’ve seen generative AI tools cater to different types of users on our platform including everyday consumers and marketers. We know this new tool will serve the same variety of content creators.”

One of the uses of updating, as demonstrated in the houseplants on a white background example, is to give marketing teams the ability to showcase their products in a variety of locations. Of course, like so much else to do with AI, it also raises questions about the future of this endeavor from the perspective of creators like photographers.

Do you use Picsart? Let us know what you think about it or the AI ​​tool in the comments.

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