Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding – Jody & Simon

Certainly can’t predict the weather here in Adelaide over the last few months – having a wedding in November should be a sure thing, right? At least that’s what Jody and Simon thought when planning their Adelaide Botanic Gardens wedding ceremony! Just last week we had the odd mini-hurricane, and this week it’s been raining non-stop!

Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding – Summer House

My day started out a bit bumpy, arriving at what would have been Jody and Simon’s first choice for a wedding location at the Botanic Gardens, only to be moved to the Summer House, closer to the North Terrace due to the almost forced relentless rain. their stringed instrument players are unable to play because of possible damage to their wooden instrument.

Thankfully moving the ceremony location wasn’t too difficult, just a matter of moving equipment one place – so I waited at the National Wine Center for Jody to arrive with her motorcade – only for them to drop her off at the main gate, 300m down the road – so I had to run a bit 🙂

All works fine! Thankfully I had my lovely wife present to help with the videography of the ceremony at the Summer House gazebo.

Besides all that, Jody and Simon’s wedding ceremony at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens was full of love, laughter and incredible vows that made everyone show the full gamut of their emotions!

Glamor’s photo

Thankfully the weather cleared right after Jody and Simon’s ceremony ended, allowing for a great group photo right behind the gazebo, and of course their glamorous shot!

We started by doing a little loop in the garden to the historic Economics Building with the bridal party, taking photos as we left, and then leaving the bridal party to return to the Ayres House while Jody, Simon, best man and I walked p to the Friendship gates for another photo.

Some of the unique features of an Adelaide Botanic Gardens wedding on a very wet day are that there are some really nice water features that only happen on days like this, so I wanted to take advantage of that – and the simple fact that we had the whole place to ourselves! Very peacefull!

Ayres House Wedding Reception

As someone who has had a bit of a lego theme at my own wedding – I was so excited to see what Jody and Simon had as centerpiece for their table! Dozens of incredible lego bouquet sets all apparently made by a small group of very dedicated people – lego masters of course! HJody and Simon even gave me one as a parting gift that night – which is now proudly sitting next to my computer as I write this!

Their evening was full of fun speeches, and the game with the highlight was definitely the scavenger hunt game in which some of the participants sure got excited!

Thank you so much Jody and Simon for having me as your wedding photographer! What a blast!

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