Irish Adventure!

Ireland is one of the friendliest places in the world, not just for saying hello, shaking hands, telling stories or having a beer in the pub. It offers a great welcome to those who come with a camera.

From the songs and bustle of Dublin to the soul-satisfying views out to sea from the mists of Moher, Ireland rewards the camera generously with a rolling feast of color, serene beauty, human warmth and open hearts. The old ways are still maintained, such as cutting the peat bog into pieces to drain and burn. The rhythm of the music is always present. Add a dash of Jameson’s, and being there is a treat for the heart, soul and lens.

We are going next year! The wonderful Tamara Lackey and I teach a workshop that begins in downtown Dublin and then heads west to the historic city of Galway, perched amidst the beauty of the Cliffs of Moher, right beside the famous Burren landscape, and home to beautiful pubs, restaurants and of course, Irish dancers.

On top of the beautiful Siobhan Manson hopping with the lifestyle on what is often referred to as “Shop Street” in Galway. Big shout out to the great Galway based photographer Sean McCormack who brought his flash to help shoot this early in the morning on the street. (Yes, I’m without flash, to my eternal embarrassment 😉 We’ll be working with Siobhan and fellow dancers from the Irish Dance Experience throughout the workshop, offering us the opportunity to photograph their amazing skills and also giving our group a special surprise. Bound to be a whoop!

Come to Ireland! History, pictures, laughter, criticism and talking pictures, Guinness, lighting, landscapes, music, cliffs and dancers await. Workshop registration is open.

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