Impossible Leap and Vital Impact!

But for me, whenever, wherever a dancer jumps, it’s impossible. An escape of delusion, of beauty, of a form struck or created in a space where the body performs, perfectly, what it has been trained to do through countless hours and years of practice. Really, when you see for example, a grand jeté, the law of gravity is suspended, both physically and in your heart.

Another impossibility about the banner image above is the size of the echo it has, like keeping a constantly vibrating tuning fork on my hard drive.

Partnering with Vital Impacts, and my best friend Ami Vitale, I lent this image for a flash sale organized by the Vital Impacts organization for the benefit of Ukraine. He has contacted a group of National Geographic photographers from all eras to offer prints. This picture, made in a Havana kitchen, was purchased, repeatedly, for over $80,000, 100% of which went to Direct Relief. The funds raised from the sale of prints from this collective of star photographers had a huge impact and resulted in the shipment of over 1,400 tons of medical supplies, with a wholesale value of $545 million, to the conflict zones of Ukraine and beyond.

Prints are beautifully crafted by excellent lab, Paper and Ink, and printed in archival ink on Canson Infinity Etching Rag paper.

Ami and Eileen Mignoni are still spearheading the sale of flash prints this year, called the Winter Collection, with a percentage of sales going to the Jane Goodall Foundation Roots and Shoots, and to fund Vital Impacts grants to future conservationists and their efforts. This print is offered again, among a series of stunning images of this beautiful planet. Photography with beauty, impact and purpose.

Vital Impacts does what its title suggests. In a world battered, it seems, beyond recognition, the images, the universal language of the earth, speak loudly.

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Impossible Leap Post and Vital Impact! first appeared on Joe McNally Photography.

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