Ground Control to Major Tom • Nuremberg Road • Photography

Ground control to Major Tom - a sleeping astronaut pictured on a mural in a restaurant in Genoa.
Space Oddities | Genoa | 2022

“Ground Control to Major Tom” – I bet you know the lyrics to David Bowie’s legendary song “Space Oddity”. I would question whether Major Tom will be available on the other side of the line. Not only because yesterday NASA had to cancel for the third time the launch of its new Artemis lunar rocket due to technical problems (I wonder if they nicknamed one of the roving passenger dolls “Major Tom” – if anyone knows please comment below). But also because this astronaut, depicted on a mural in a restaurant in Genoa we (fit) visited last night, must look offline.

Let’s hope NASA fixes whatever problem they had with the Artemis rocket soon – and then broadcasts it on the radio:

“Ground control to Major Tom
Start the countdown, the engine starts
Check the ignition and may the love of God be with you”

iPhone 12 Pro Max screenshot, converted to monochrome in Lightroom Classic. Oh, and the food at this place is amazing!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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