Creative Ways to Do a Maternity Photoshoot with Your Partner

Pregnancy comes with a huge whirlwind of emotions, questions, and worries. And as a parent, you want to be above all else to ensure your baby’s safety.

But who says you can’t have fun while being careful? Take your maternity shoot, for example. As a rule, only potential partners are photographed.

But travel is something both partners take pride in, and it should also be reflected in pictures!

Maternity photoshoot with both partners

If you’re looking for inspiration for pregnant photoshoot ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for creative ways you and your partner can get involved in a photoshoot:

– Plain and Simple

If you prefer classics, you can choose a minimalist theme. Your maternity photographer may have you in traditional poses, such as with both partners holding the baby’s belly, etc.

You may want to add some properties as well. One of the best props a couple can include is an ultrasound picture of their baby. Holding a black-and-white image above a baby bump captures a simple yet powerful concept of life.

– Fun and Unique

Maybe you and your partner are creative souls, and you just need to add your spin to your photos. The sky is your limit for ideas! You can get advice from your maternity photographer or plan your own shoot.

For example, if you are both movie buffs, you could enter a scenes from your favorites movies, or dress up as your favorite characters.

Parents holding their newborn baby

Candid Moments

Candid pictures are the best kind of pictures. And what better way to show your love for each other and your little one than by capturing moments when you’re relaxed?

Simply enjoying each other’s company, playing with your other children (if you have any), or recreating your home life are all ways to appreciate the little moments that make life special in your photos.

– Outdoor Entertainment

With an outdoor shoot, you can relive some great memories like where did you get engaged, where did you go on your first date, etc. You can also visit a local park or botanical garden for your photoshoot.

If you want to step it up a notch, take a trip to your favorite foreign location, like Disneyland. That will be a story to tell your child when they grow up!

Be careful take a long trip with your doctor’s advice. Also, make sure to pack essential items such as medications, comfortable clothing, and shoes, healthy snacks, first aid, etc.

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