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This week I had a great customer service experience. Let me give you context, explain what’s going on, and consider the lessons for the photography business.


Here in Melbourne, Australia, the state government has taken a conservative approach to the coronavirus pandemic. ‘Lock down’ is the tool of choice for containing and eliminating viruses. We are currently on our sixth lockdown.

During this time I have started cycling. It’s a great way to stay fit, lose weight, and enjoy your allowed 2 hours of exercise each day.

When it comes to bike servicing, I’ve been going to the local bike shop. Cycling is very popular nowadays, and bike shops are busy. On my two most recent bike services it has been in the shop for a week. It bothers me because I only have one bike and want to ride it.

What’s a Great Customer Service Experience?

One of my cycling buddies recommends a traveling bike mechanic who comes to your house and fixes the bike on the spot. Not wanting my bike to be in the local shop for another week, it was time to give a traveling bike mechanic a try.

10.15am I call the traveling bike mechanic and it goes to voice mail.

10.20am My phone rings. The mechanic is in my area and might be able to come in today. They will come back to me.

11.30am Mechanic calls to let me know he has done his work ahead of time, and can be at my house in 15 minutes if that suits me. Yes, yes, yes it suits me.

11.45am Bicycle mechanic arrives. We enjoyed 10 minutes discussing bikes, and agreeing on what to do with mine.

1:00 p.m. my bike is repaired

1.30 pm I went for a walk!

How Much Does This Great Customer Service Experience Cost?

Ironically, it costs less than if I took the bike to a local shop.

Yes, the bike was fixed 3 hours after I first left the message, for less money than it was supposed to. As well as repairing my bike, the mechanic adds value by discussing potential future service issues, and brands to consider when I buy a new bike.

As you can imagine, I will be using mobile bike mechanics again.

The traveling bike mechanic has provided a great customer service experience (not me in the photo!)

Lessons for Photographers

This experience was a great reminder that while my business provides digital images, prints, canvas prints, albums and other products – I am strictly in the customer service business.

I want my customers to be happy with their pictures, but I really aim for the experience to be so good that customers never think of going anywhere else. That’s the experience a traveling bicycle mechanic gave me.

If you want to read about other customer service experiences I’ve had, please check out this link. Investing in Relationships, and How Not to Run Your Small Business.

I hope this great customer service experience lesson has been of use to your photography business. Keep smiling. (And if you live in Melbourne and need a great mobile bicycle mechanic – call – I can recommend it!)

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