19 Colorful Cocktail Photos | Light Stalking

Cocktail photography can be a fun and creative way to showcase the beauty and artistry of mixed drinks! Here are some important tips for taking great cocktail photos:

  1. Use natural light or a soft, diffused light source to capture the colors and details of the drink.
  2. Experiment with different angles and compositions to find the best way to showcase your drink.
  3. Pay attention to the background and surrounding elements. A clean, simple backdrop can make a drink stand out, while complementary props and decorations can add to the overall visual interest.
  4. Consider the overall mood and feeling you want to convey through the photo. Bright, colorful drinks can be fun and playful, while darker, more moody shots can create a more sophisticated and elegant vibe.
  5. Use props like embellishments, straws, and napkins to add texture and depth to your photos.
  6. Finally, don’t forget to edit your photos to enhance the colors and make them stand out!

Check out these 19 photos of delicious and colorful cocktails if you need some inspiration! If you’re still stuck in a creative rut, you should also check out “Creativity Catalog” by Photzy so you can open your mind to new ideas and projects for your product photography.

cocktail from above
Photo by Olena Sergienko
dark cocktail photography
Photo by Ash Edmonds
lifestyle cocktail photography
Nix Company
indoor cocktail photography
Photo by Kofookoo.de
dynamic cocktail photography
Photo by Victoria Shes
three colorful cocktails
Photo by Kobby Mendez
elegant minimal cocktail photography
Photo by Ambitious Creative Co.
cocktail bar photography
Photo by Stanislav Ivanitskiy
refreshing green cocktail
Photo by Sam Hojati
cocktail celebration
Photo by Helena Yankovska

Don’t know how to record your favorite drink? “Creativity Catalog” by Photzy is meant to give you a head start to stimulate your own ideas and projects.

minimal cocktail photography
Photo by Edward Howell
busy colorful cocktail photography
Photo by MS Meeuwesen
flatlay cocktail photography
Photo by Kim Daniels
dynamic cocktail photography
Photo by Helena Yankovska
high speed cocktail photography
Photo by Igor Stepanov
elegant cocktail dark background
Photo by Ash Edmonds
cocktail with pastel bokeh colors
Photo by Tommy Van Kessel
indoor cocktail with neon lights
Photo by Louis Hansel
minimal milk cocktail
Photo by Trinh Minh Thu

“Creativity Catalog” by Photzy will give you some fantastic ideas to improve your cocktail photography! This 207-page guide includes 20 chapters of tasks and ideas that spark creativity.

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