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The Gazette family of newspapers — Denver Gazette, Colorado Springs Gazette and Colorado Politics — earned dozens of journalism awards, including 11 first place finishes, from the Society of Professional Journalists Top of the Rockies 2023 Contest.

The contest, open to media outlets from Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming, is a “regional, multi-platform contest for reporters and news organizations” administered by the SPJ Colorado Pro Chapter and covers work from 2022.

The Denver Gazette won the following:

First Place, Multimedia Story: “Colorado’s 462 faces of fentanyl” by Carol McKinley

First Place, News Reporting Single Story: “Prosecutor struggled with Aldrich bomb threat case that was dismissed” by Christopher Osher

First Place, Sports Columns: Woody Paige

First Place, Sports News: “Deion Sanders” by Tyler King and Paul Klee

Second Place, A&E and Food Criticism: John Moore

Second Place, Ag and Environment News: “’Non-survivable’ evacuation routes threaten some of Colorado’s most wildfire-prone areas” by Evan Wyloge

Second Place, Business Enterprise Reporting: “Retail Delivery Fee” by Dennis Huspeni

Second Place, Education News: “Cherry Creek School District faces federal discrimination, harassment inquiries” by David Migoya

Second Place, Front Page Design: “McKinnon’s Megadeal” by Lill Mayor

Second Place, Legal Feature: “A wrongful DUI arrest by Loveland PD kept a woman from her kids for months. It’s part of a pattern, attorney says” by Hannah Metzger

Second Place, News Column: John Moore

Second, Place Business News: “Denver’s housing permit backlog plight” by Dennis Huspeni and Mark Samuelson

Third Place, Climate Photography/Video: “Tarantulas research” by Tim Hurst

The Colorado Springs Gazette won the following:

First Place, Climate Reporting: “Tipping point: The Colorado in Peril” by Mary Shinn, Debbie Kelley, Stephanie Earls, Seth Boster, Jessica Van Dyne, Marianne Goodland

First Place, Breaking News Story: Club Q Shooting by Debbie Kelley, Carol McKinley, Breeanna Jent

Second Place, Features Short Form: “By a master’s hands in the Colorado mountains, the bamboo fly rod lives on” by Seth Boster

Second Place, Mental Health Feature: “’Hero’ Army vet who tackled Club Q mass shooter says he acts on instinct” by Stephanie Earls

Second Place, News Photography/Video: Club Q shooting by Christian Murdock, Parker Seibold, Jerilee Bennett, Skyler Ballard

Second Place, Public Service: “Tipping Point” by Mary Shinn, Debbie Kelley, Stephane Earls, Seth Boster, Jessica Van Dyne, Marianne Goodland

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Second Place, Sports Feature: “Edie Worthington blazes women’s trail with Air Force football” by Stephanie Earls

Second Place, Sports Photography/Video: Avalanche win the Stanley Cup by Christian Murdock

Third place, Climate Photography/Video: “Tipping Point: Lake Powell” by Skyler Ballard

Third Place, Sports News: “Service academic athlete figure to see direct path to pro sports removed by provision in defense spending bill” by Brent Briggeman

Colorado Politics won the following:

First Place, Breaking News Story, “Roe decision rattles ballot chase amid heavy spending by Democrats in Colorado’s GOP primaries” by Ernest Luning

First Place, Extended Coverage, “Open Secret” by Marianne Goodland

First Place, Headline Writing: “’Lies, lies and damn lies’: Boebert’s GOP Challenger swings back at ads alleging help scheme” by Ernest Luning

First Place, Politics Feature, “Colorado lawmakers move further left, but will the laws follow suit? | COVER STORY” by Hannah Metzger

First Place, Religion News: “Colorado activists on both sides of abortion debate gear up for big fight” by Debbie Kelley and Luige Del Puerto

Second Place, Column Personal/Humor: Capitol M by Marianne Goodland

Second Place, Headline Writing: “TRAIL MIX | Newest Boebert challenger lands in Democratic primary with a splat” by Ernest Luning

Second Place, Legal News: “Racial discrimination in jury selection” by Michael Karlik

Second Place, Obit Reporting: “House Minority Leader Hugh McKean” by Marianne Goodland

Second Place, Religion News, “Colorado bill aims to create reporting requirements for health care sharing ministries” by Hannah Metzger

Third Place, Education News: “Bill advances to protect Colorado educations from doxxing” by Hannah Metzger

Third Place, Feature Long Form: “COVER STORY | Facing ‘hopeless’ future, many young Coloradans turn away from having children” by Hannah Metzger

Third Place, Health News: “Colorado insurance rates will be more expensive than the Policy administration promised” by Marianne Goodland

Third Place, Legal Feature: “COVER STORY | Failure to train: The 7 minutes that cost Boulder $3.41 million” by Michael Karlik

Third Place, Legal News: “COVER STORY | Contrition: Amid conflicts of interest, judges in Colorado correct course” by Michael Karlik

Third Place, Politics Feature: “COVER STORY | Unsustainable? Colorado’s government keeps growing” by Marianne Goodland

Third Place, Public Service: “COVER STORY | Colorado ends free DMV driving tests, forces drivers to spend hundreds at private companies” by Hannah Metzger

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