Fish Where Fish Are

Here in Melbourne, Australia we are coming out of the number 6 covid lockdown. Vaccination rates are rising and it looks like the economy will be fully reopened. Photography business opportunities will vary and in the short term it is important to fish where the fish are.

What Do You Mean ‘Fish Where The Fish Are’?

The economy is opening at different rates with some things picking up again soon and others taking time.

A good example is sports, and my business is sports photography. Community sports started with practice and shortened summers. It will be a bit of time until the competitions and tournaments start. In other words, there will likely be a delay until demand for team and action photography increases. Chances are there won’t be too many fish in a sports photography pond in a very short amount of time.

Community sports will restart in Melbourne

Where will there be opportunities?

I see a strong demand for kindergarten and day care photography. The end of the year is fast approaching and the facility is licensed to have photographers on site from November.

There is only a short time until Christmas. As a result, kindergarten and daycare photographers will likely be very busy the last 2 months of the year.

This is an area where we will see very strong demand in the near future. If you have contacts in this space, now is a good time to reach out and see how you can help.

Kindergarten and daycare photography is an immediate opportunity

Take Advantage of Short Term Opportunities

In normal times I recommend photographers stick to the area where they want to build their business. That means specialization and focus. Wedding photographers shoot weddings, sports photographers shoot sports, and family photographers shoot families. You understand.

My recommendation with 2 months left in the calendar year is to be flexible and look for opportunities. Government financial support is coming to an end and cash flow is critical. Fish where fish are. All the best.

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