Flemings Pumpkin Run JUNKYARD Photo! Vintage Iron Like No Other. Check them.

Flemings Pumpkin Run Photo JUNKYARD! Vintage Iron Like No Other. Check them.

Flemings Pumpkin Run Photo JUNKYARD!  Vintage Iron Like No Other.  Check them.

(Words and Photo by Joe Grippo) By now hopefully, you’ve seen BANGshift’s coverage of one of our favorite events, The Pumpkin Run which takes place annually at the Harry Flemings Auto Parts Dumpster. The auto show is huge with everything for everyone who loves internal combustion. The one-day show is huge so get there early and take the day to enjoy the show’s offerings and sample one of the many food trucks on site.

There are plenty of side attractions at Pumpkin Run such as a sizable flea market and tough competition at the park tractor pull, but my favorite activity lies in the very back of Harry’s business. This is where you will find the beautiful remains of Flemings Auto Parts or junkyard as they are called. Once a thriving used parts business is now mostly just being taken over by giants returning their elements back to Earth. Rusty pieces that could tell enough stories, if only they could. I love to wander and get lost in piles of cars and trucks looking for details of their history, I always start by looking for clues from the dealer where the journey begins for these displaced people. Cool stuff.

A huge variety is on display in the show field, of course, but the junkyard definitely has a category of its own. Maneuvering through the foliage of sticker bushes, trees, vines, and overgrown shrubs, you might stumble upon a 40’s Chevy sedan next to a Fox Body Mustang lying next to a Porsche 944 across from a mid-year Ford Fairlane 500 Retractable. 50s. As stated, most of this stuff is too far away to save, but the ultimate service this stuff is in is a cool photo op. Fall is the perfect time to explore this page as the leaves fall (and cover everything) and make a lovely backdrop.


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