You’re in the top 1 percent if you can see a dog hiding in this vintage photo of an optical illusion

IF YOU can find the hidden dog in this vintage optical illusion image, you are in the top 1 percent.

Giving people just seven seconds to find the hairy dog ​​in the illustration, the man says it’s an IQ test for those up for the challenge.

You're in the top 1 percent if you can see a dog hiding in this optical illusion


You’re in the top 1 percent if you can see a dog hiding in this optical illusionCredit: Tiktok – @meandbruh

“Can you see the dog in this vintage photo?” TikTok user @meandbruh wrote under the image, before adding: “Only 1% will get it”.

The image itself looks simple from the outside, with deer in the air as they frolic in the field.

There are trees in the background and plants surrounding the beast. But eagle-eyed viewers can also see a dog lurking somewhere.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Optical illusions reveal if you are independent or rely too much on others
You have to have 20/20 vision to see the spring between the nails in this illusion

Try it yourself! In 3… 2… 1… Start!

Others have tried and while some were able to guess right, others were confused.

“Checking comments for answers…” one person wrote.

Another said: “Lol, I didn’t see it, too hard to see,” while a third added: “I’d say less than 1% wouldn’t be able to see it”.

Can you see the dog? It hid directly under the deer, running alongside it.

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