Waiting for Hugo – Sunshine Photography

Waiting for Hugo… It took too long to blog this session. My never ending backlog of edits always seem to get prioritized and then there’s the challenge of somehow having to pick my favorites for the blog. So I procrastinated instead! Ha ha.

I really liked shooting this session. This session is my favourite. I’m not sure why I felt so drawn to baby bellies and water, but I seem to have found my purpose with this session. Maybe the surfer in me, maybe the mom in me. Most likely both.

As soon as I met Bec & Michael, I knew our session was going to be amazing. Throw in a stunning location with the most divine light and the afternoon is ours. This afternoon is the start of our winter season, but you never know. They enjoy wading through the beautiful ocean and don’t seem to mind or notice the winter chill as the sun begins to set and are just enjoying their time together before they turned 3. another day. Another day that will bring them closer to meeting their little one.

Bec & Michael welcomed a lovely little boy, Hugo who I was then happy to take a photo of with the newborn. Thank you so much to these people for giving me the privilege of capturing such a wonderful time for you both!


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