Vintage Hollywood Pictures That Show a Bit of Historical Nostalgia (30 New Photos)

“Now here’s another good mess I got into!”

Less clutter, and more a beacon of nostalgia I should probably say, though the past can be pretty messy on its own. Remember when someone takes a hot shower and relaxes after a long journey, only for the shower curtain to be pulled back, revealing a cold-blooded killer with knife in hand?

Oh wait, that’s a scene from the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho! My fault! But speaking of films and iconic moments in time, how about we dive into this list full of historic moments from Old Hollywood, when it seemed a new star was being born every day?

The Instagram page, which goes by the name “Old Hollywood” has shared amazing photos that tell the stories of those who continue to influence our society today. Movie stars, musicians, directors, and more are greeting you today, dear reader, so don’t forget to upvote your favorites, and if you want more, here’s another. Pandas are bored article.

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