These Vaulted Ceiling Ideas Create a Dramatic Living Space

High ceilings help make your home feel open and airy. Use these vaulted ceiling ideas as decorating inspiration.

<p> Astrid Templier</p>

With the right design, vaulted ceilings can make your home feel bigger, let in more natural light, and even increase your property value. But just having a high, vaulted ceiling isn’t enough to create this effect on its own. The right styling and design will help open up the room and can help your home feel brighter. Some simple tricks, like painting the ceiling white, will make the room brighter and reflect more natural light, in the right space, you can also use dark colors for vaulted ceilings, which can make the room look more dramatic and elegant. Exposed wood beams can also create a rustic design. However you choose to style the ceiling and the rest of the room, these ideas for vaulted ceilings can help spark your creativity for your own home.

Bright Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

<p>Chad R. Mellon</p>

Sometimes, simple is best for a vaulted ceiling. By keeping the ceiling white, it matches the light, airy feel of the rest of the room. Tall windows let in plenty of natural light, while the white brick of the fireplace and light wood flooring carry brightness through the space.

Bathroom Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

<p>Chad R. Mellon</p>

Bathrooms can often feel small or tight, but a vaulted ceiling makes this room appear much more spacious. The white panels match the white bathroom floor tiles, countertops and walls, bringing plenty of light into the room. It also provides contrast for the dark bathtub and navy pendant light.

Wood Panel Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

<p>Anne D. Schlechter</p>

Many vaulted ceilings have a triangular shape, meeting at a central point. The wood paneled ceilings in this room are more angular, which has the effect of opening up the space but also drawing the eye and creating interest. Paired with a natural wood door, bar, and leather couch, it gives this living room a rustic feel.

Outdoor Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

<p>Julie Soefer</p>

An outdoor porch or patio might already have sloped ceilings, which you can take advantage of to create a sophisticated living area. This patio is almost an outdoor room, with a vaulted ceiling with exposed beams and rustic brick. Modern furniture plus outdoor appliances, like a mini fridge and TV, help the area function as an outdoor living room.

Narrow Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

<p>Julie Soefer</p>

This bathroom has a relatively small, narrow vaulted ceiling, but by pairing it with white panels and walls, it makes an otherwise thin room feel more open. Marble tiles and a long, wood vanity complete the space with an elegant touch.

Exposed Beam Vaulted Ceiling

<p> Astrid Templier</p>

A vaulted ceiling already adds drama, but this room accentuates it. Leaving the wooden beams of the frame exposed contrasts with the white panels of the ceiling and draws the eye straight to it. Dark cabinets and tiles throughout the room also ensure the vaulted ceiling is the focal point.

Bedroom Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

<p>John Bessler</p>

The furniture placement in a room with vaulted ceilings can help the space seem larger. In this bedroom, a tall, dark-colored headboard serves as the focal point, and draws the eye upward to the ceiling. Wallpapering the walls and leaving the ceiling white also creates a separation between the two that makes a small bedroom look bigger.

Vaulted Ceiling Ideas with a Chandelier

<p>Edmund Barr</p>

Since vaulted ceilings make your home feel more spacious, they also provide a good opportunity to install more dramatic light fixtures. This living room has a simple yet sophisticated chandelier with electric candles that instantly adds drama to the room. When paired with exposed wood beams in the vaulted ceiling, it also creates a rustic, old-world feel.

Dramatic Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

<p>David A Land</p>

The vaulted ceilings in this modern living room open up to the second story. This allows for two stories’ worth of windows in the room, which lets in a ton of natural light and contributes to the spacious, airy feel. It also lets the stone of the fireplace extend much higher than most living rooms, creating a stunning focal point and drawing the eyes upwards.

Retro Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

<p>John Bessler</p>

Dark-colored ceilings can make some rooms look smaller or too dark. However, the large windows in this living room let in plenty of natural light, which helps this vaulted ceiling with dark wood beams look brighter. Retro furniture and bright yellow cushions and pillows give the space a cohesive look.

Artistic Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

<p>Adam Albright</p>

The natural wood beams running across this white vaulted ceiling have a framing effect. It guides the eye directly to the fireplace, which is a great location for a large, abstract work of art. Boldly colored furniture and accent pillows tie in with the statement piece.

Kitchen Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

<p>Dana Gallagher</p>

A slightly vaulted ceiling makes this narrow kitchen feel more spacious. White wood panels meet a natural wood beam, which also gives the room a slightly rustic feel. It also matches the darker wood floors and puts emphasis on the brightly colored area of ​​the rug.

Vaulted Ceiling Ideas for Natural Wood


The horizontal wood beams running across this vaulted ceiling help enclose the room, preventing it from looking too bare. They also add interest, matching the knotty wood flooring. A hint of distressed brick along one wall helps complete the rustic look.

Shower Vaulted Ceiling Ideas


Make the most of a small bathroom space with a clever design. Placing the shower against the vaulted wall creates more room in the space and allows for more than just a tub. Natural wood beams also help break up the white tiles used throughout the room.

Tiny Home Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

<p>Ellie Lillstrom</p>

A vaulted ceiling helps maximize the space in this tiny home. A one-wall kitchen allows the rest of the space to be used as a living area with plenty of seating. The one wood beam exposed in the vaulting ceiling helps guide the eye through the room and towards the kitchen wall.

Grand Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

<p>Dane Tashima</p>

A dramatic vaulted ceiling easily creates a grand living room, even without a lot of space. The white wood of the ceiling matches the brick of the fireplace, and painting the exposed beams white also helps create cohesion. It also keeps the focus on the furniture and leather chairs in the room.

White Wood Vaulted Ceiling

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Larger panels with a slightly distressed look make this room feel more casual. The hanging swing is the focal point in this sunroom, but the ropes help bring attention to the vaulted ceiling. A simple woven rug also gives the entire room a casual vibe.

Cabin Vaulted Ceiling


The natural wood and exposed beams of this vaulted ceiling give the room the feel of a Northern cabin. The plain white walls of the room help modernize it.

Open Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

<p>Katie Charlotte Fiedler</p>

The vaulted ceilings in this room open up to more windows. This provides natural light during the day, which gives the room plenty of brightness. White tile floors and white walls help emphasize the light throughout the room.

Skylight Vaulted Ceiling



Exposed beams and wood panels add drama to this living room yet still give it a casual feel. A skylight in the vaulted ceiling also adds natural light. The brightness of the room helps offset the darker stone of the fireplace at the center of the space.

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