The bride is shocked to discover her sister’s personal photo shoot in her wedding pictures: ‘Am I overreacting?’

A bride is struggling to talk to her sister about an impromptu photo shoot during her wedding.

She asked Reddit’s “Wedding” forum, “Am I overreacting?,” about the incident. Although the bride admits she was “upset,” she is also “very non-confrontational.” She isn’t sure if the issue is a “big deal or not.”

When she reviewed her wedding photos, she discovered her sister and brother-in-law had an entire couple’s shoot of their own.

“It seems at some point during the wedding day she grabbed my photographer and asked her to do this,” the bride explained.

It would have been fine if it were only a few photos, but it looked like an entire shoot. It was also in the same area where the bride and groom took their pictures.

“She’s narcissistic and makes everything about herself,” the bride wrote. “Should I say something to this sister about this?”

Redditors shared their thoughts about the issue.

“You should tell the photographer not to release those photos directly to your sister,” someone suggested.

“I think the best course of action is to say nothing, act like you never saw those photos, and delete them,” another said.

“I would just ignore it, and if said sister asks about the photos, I would play dumb,” a Redditor replied.

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