Silent Sunday • The Streets of Nuremberg • Street Photography

A couple and their two dogs sat at a coffee table, apparently ignoring themselves on a quiet Sunday
Silent Sunday | Genoa | 2023

Have you talked to your partner lately? Apparently, this is not just a human problem, as illustrated by the street photo I entitled “Silent Sunday”, taken two Sundays ago in the Streets of Genoa. Capturing scenes like this is for me the joy of street photography. As William Shakespeare said: The whole world is a stage, and all the boys and girls are just players.”

Here’s a creative tip for today. Grab a camera (or your smartphone), hit the streets wherever you live and see if you can capture what might be titled “Silent Sunday”.

If you’re looking for more tips and inspiration around (street) photography, check out my free Learning center.

Image taken with my iPhone 14 Pro and processed in Lightroom Classic.

Enjoy your Sunday


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