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At a recent photo shoot, a client shared that her friend had lost all of her wedding photos because the photographer had a problem with the memory card. Nightmare scenario for brides and photographers! Nice reminder to shoot to two cards.

Most of Beyond Here’s readers are professional or semi-professional photographers. I hope for many this is advice you don’t need because you are routinely picking up two cards.

Canon camera with card slots for CF and SD cards

Old Digital Cameras Only Had One Card Slot

In early digital cameras, cameras usually only had one card slot. In many ways, this makes things easier because I don’t have to think about whether I want to take any two cards. My second shooter at the wedding is also my backup in case something goes wrong with my card.

New Digital Cameras Come with Multiple Card Slots

The evolution of digital cameras has resulted in cameras with multiple card slots. Stop for a moment to think why did this happen? This is to address the odd occurrence when something goes wrong with the card. How practical it would be to have images recorded to another card.

Older Canon digital camera with single CF card slot

Get Used – Shooting to Two Cards

I know several photographers whose standard procedure was to shoot on only one card. This saves money on buying cards, and time on managing files. I hope they don’t learn the hard way that shooting to two cards is much wiser and worth the little extra cost of buying a few more cards.

Purchase some extra cards, and make shooting to multiple cards the default setting for your camera. It will be a peace of mind if something goes wrong with one of your cards.

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