Scheana Shay on Raquel Leviss’ Disappearances at Her Wedding

Raquel Leviss


Raquel Leviss

Scheana Shay’s wedding was featured in season 10 of “Vanderpump Rules” but participants and viewers have now been looking back at the event trying to see hints of the developing affair between Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval, which was eventually exposed months later.

On July 7, Shay was joined by her wedding planners Shelby and Charlie from Simply Classic Events for an episode of her podcast, Dear Media’s “Scheananigans With Scheana Shay.” Shay asked her guests if they saw anything shady at the wedding and pointed out that some of her guests had since revealed some questionable things they saw that seemed innocent then.

Shelby pointed out that Leviss and Sandoval were really late, around three hours late, the day of the wedding when everyone was getting ready. She said all the bridesmaids had a schedule for hair and makeup, but “The morning of the wedding… This girl’s just nowhere to be seen,” she shared about her search for Leviss. She revealed that she went to her room, checked the pool, and couldn’t find her. “Tom Sandoval and Rachel [Leviss] are missing for a solid three hours,” Shay summarized.

Shay’s husband Brock Davies pointed out that he didn’t buy the report that some people saw them kissing close to the elevators as there were too many people and producers running around the morning of the wedding. However, Shelby shared that by the time Leviss showed up, “she was so disheveled and then uncomfortable.”

“The weirdest thing for me is when I was ending the night and I needed Rachel to get her stuff out of the bridal suite, I couldn’t find her,” she added. “And Tom was nowhere to be seen either. And I waited for 45 minutes and had to call her three times to come and get her s***.” Eventually, Shelby added, “She came back with Tom and they walked into the bridal suite [together].” She said at the time, she didn’t think too much of it but reflected on it after the news of the affair came out.

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Scheana Shay’s Wedding Dress Designers Also Shared What They Saw at the Wedding

Shay’s wedding planners weren’t the only ones who shared some of what they saw at the Mexico wedding in August 2022 as the “Vanderpump Rules” star’s wedding dress designers also made some claims. “Gown and Out in Beverly Hills” stars Patrik Simpson and Pol’ Atteu, Shay’s wedding dress designer, told Jeff Lewis on his SiriusXM radio show “Jeff Lewis Live” back in April 2023 that they saw the two kissing.

Simpson told Lewis that on the wedding day, he got out of the elevator and saw them together behind a stone wall, “kissing off to the side,” Simpson shared. He explained that no one was there; producers were nearby but he didn’t know if they saw the kiss. Atteu echoed some of Shay’s wedding planners’ comments, sharing that Leviss seemed uninterested by the wedding prep. “I didn’t like her because she wasn’t engaged,” Atteu shared. “She was not interested in Scheana’s dress.”

Scheana Shay Said One of Her Friends Found Raquel Leviss & Tom Sandoval Hanging Out Alone in the Background of Her Photos

Shay also revealed during a March 2023 Amazon Live that one of her friends who attended the event marked Leviss and Sandoval spending time together the morning of her wedding. The “Good As Gold” singer said one of her girlfriends said she was looking back through her photos and found some of the morning of the wedding when she was by the pool.

She said she saw Sandoval and Leviss in the background of some photos spending time at the pool together in a cabana. Shay said she found it “disgusting” that her two former friends took the morning of the wedding to hang out knowing that everyone, especially Ariana Madix, would be busy getting ready for the big day.

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