Review: Hallmark releases the new film ‘The Wedding Veil Journey,’ filmed in Greece

Victor Webster, Ché Grant, Alison Sweeney in ‘The Wedding Veil Journey.’ Photo Credit: Vassilis Ikoutas, Hallmark Media

Hallmark released its new film “The Wedding Veil Journey” on January 21, which was filmed partly in Greece.

It stars Alison Sweeney, Victor Webster, Lacey Chabert and Autumn Reeser. Actress Jane Asher also stars. The film was filmed partly on location in Greece.

“The Wedding Veil Journey” is the third film of the sequel trilogy, and now Tracy (Alison Sweeney) is head of the auction house, and Nick’s (Victor Webster) restaurant is doing so well that he’s looking at expanding.

Their success leaves the couple so little time together, they have yet to decide where to take their long overdue honeymoon, but finally settle in Greece. When a travel delay leaves them without a hotel room, they end up staying on a beautiful, secluded island at a fledgling inn run by capable local Tessa (Katerina Geronikolou) and her well-meaning, if bungling brother Xander (Alexander Nicolaou).

When Nick discovers that Xander is filling in as chef, despite his cooking being unpalatable, he cannot help but lend a hand in the kitchen. Tracy henceforth
meets Leo (newcomer Ché Grant), a charming boy from a nearby boarding school, whose artistic talents are only rivaled by his knack for getting into trouble.

Tracy cannot shake the feeling that Leo needs her help but finds her interventions unwelcome by the school’s headmaster (Andreas Karras). Soon Tracy encounters a mystery when the elegant Lady Dalton (Jane Asher) and her grandson Colin (Nicholas Banks) check in.

Inexplicably, the veil – which Tracy had brought along to give to Nick’s sister – kept winding up in Colin’s room. With sparks flying between Colin and Tessa, even the skeptical Tracy may finally have to admit there’s something to the veil’s legend.

As they spend time on the island, Tracy and Nick may also find that, though their honeymoon isn’t exactly what they had pictured, it might just be exactly what they need.

Victor Webster is sensational as Nick and he has great chemistry with Alison Sweeney. The Greek actors in the film give commendable performances as well, especially Andreas Karras and Katerina Geronikolou; moreover, young actor Ché Grant, who was noteworthy as Leo. The cinematography of Greece that this film captured was visually stunning.

“The Wedding Veil” is from Front Street Pictures Productions. Beth Grossbard, Lisa
Demberg, Lacey Chabert and Alison Sweeney are executive producers. Harvey Kahn, Juliet Smith and Phillip Roth are co-executive producers.

Ron Oliver directed the film from a script by Karen Berger, inspired by the book “There Goes the Bride” by Lori Wilde and based on characters created by Judith Berg and Sandra Berg.

“The Wedding Veil Journey” is worth more than just a passing glance, and it garners two thumbs up. It is a neat story because the main characters Tracy and Nick agree to set aside work, and make time for a long overdue honeymoon for themselves in Greece. When they are stranded on a secluded island, they are able to confront their life choices.

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