Photography Studio in London – Is this your first time?

If you’re considering getting a photo studio in the heart of London, you may have a few questions popping up in the old gray matter. So this blog post is just for you.

So who are we really? Blend is a commercial photography studio in London. Our friendly and accomplished in-house team specializes in creative and professional product photography. We’ve photographed almost anything – from ballroom dresses to bottles of gin.

Why use a photo studio?

If you want top-end product photography, you won’t get that from a luxury smartphone. The scope of photography may have changed drastically, but the skill of professionally layout, lighting, and perfecting it to a high standard differentiates studio product shots from snap shots on an iPhone.

If your business is e-commerce then your website is basically your storefront. It’s the only place customers can inspect your product before making a purchase. Keeping this in mind, uploaded content should always be of the highest quality. Images must be crystal clear (with a high resolution that allows the customer to magnify details) and lighting must bring the product to life through shadows and highlights. In Blend, you can choose between a simple shot where your product is placed on a white background, or something more creative – where props and style come into play. These can be styled at your discretion and according to your trademark aesthetic, to allow your content to carry a narrative for your brand. Our photographers can work with you through this process and will be happy to advise on what shots will be profitable for your website, and ultimately how to achieve them. With our state-of-the-art equipment and talented creatives, we can guarantee you’ll walk away with shots that will draw attention to your product and drive sales.

Do you need a photographer?

Renting a studio in London means finding photographers, equipment, assistants, retouchers, the list goes on… At Blend, we do things differently. Our services include all photo studio equipment plus skilled photographers and retouchers – because we really value consistently high quality work. From the first phone call to the final repair, our team works closely together to provide premium service.

And while you can paying less for a no-frills photo studio rental, the Blend team adds a lot to the proposition:

  • Generate ideas and bring in stylists or models – Our industry network allows us to bring in additional team members, as required by each job. We have close relationships with modeling agencies, makeup artists, stylists, set designers and other freelancers with whom we have worked.
  • Aim your shot – The day will run smoother with the presence of an experienced photographer. Your Blend photographer will design a bespoke lighting setup, tailored exactly to your product and the image you want to achieve. With a keen attention to detail, they will ensure your images reflect your brand and match your brand vision. You can come to the studio to work with them later in the day, or they will contact you via email to make sure you get the right shot at the end of the shoot.
  • Retouching shots – Whether it’s just to adjust colors, or add graphic elements to your images: we edit all our photos ourselves. Our retouchers have years of experience in fashion and product retouching so are equipped with the skills to perfect your shots. This means images come to you sharp, professional, and ready to use in any format.

How to order a studio shoot

To book your shoot, email us or give us a call and tell us a little about your brand and what you’re looking for! The length of your shoot will depend on your level of photography (creative shoots usually take longer) and the amount of product you wish to photograph – once this is determined, we can add you to our calendar on the date that works best for you! If you plan ahead, that’s fine. However, if you leave it at the last minute, we offer express service where your photography can be delivered within 24 hours (so no need to panic)!

Once your photo studio session is booked, it’s time to do some preparations.

If you stick with simple package photography, there isn’t much planning required, something that can’t be said for creative shoots. In this case a Pinterest board, or selection of reference images, can be of great help. You may want to collaborate with your team to create a drawing board that reflects factors such as your target audience; your brand style; photographic layouts; the color palette you use in your packaging or web design and other products in the market you compete with. This helps us understand your brand vision and values. Collection’ thismood board’ (click to learn more) will help your photographer understand the creative direction of your brand – which will always give you a better end result.

You’ll also need to tell us what your photo goals are, whether it’s a new collection for your online store, an editorial feature in a magazine, or a social media campaign – or maybe a combination of these. Different formats and cuts may be required that the photographer needs to consider of the day.

Lastly, you must be very careful in assessing the shots required for each product. Create a shot list that includes a plan of the required angle travel for each product as well as any features that should be highlighted (covers, straps, hooks and labels).

It’s great if you can attend your first studio shoot but you don’t have to; many clients send their products to us by courier, which we then photograph and return. If you are unable to do so then it is important to brief us as completely as possible for the best possible end result.

We hope to see you at your first photo studio shoot!

Make sure you check out our Photography Studio Rentals page for information on dry rentals too!

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