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Due to lockdowns during the pandemic, individuals turned more aware of their pets’ every day habits, which could have contributed to the rise. But what were the top causes for taking their pet to the vet, especially when some places had been Pets News probably closed or providing reduced services? Stress, less-than-optimal nutrition, and inactivity ranked high among the many reasons for vet visits. Believe it or not, birds visit the vet the most – three or extra instances per year.

  • Would my cats still nuzzle me with wild abandon if I weren’t such a reliable cat-treat dispenser?
  • And this week we’re mercifully Liz Truss-free, though we have simply made you remember her again with that point out.
  • “I love the clasps on the again that attach to the seatbelt. We additionally took them on a Southwest flight and had no issues with the carriers fitting beneath the seat side by facet.”
  • Plus, in some areas of the U.S. it’s unlawful to residence one and it is sensible.

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