Paul Mescal’s Vintage Bling Story At BAFTAs 2023

There’s a sense of anticipation in the room as Paul Mescal gets ready for the 2023 BAFTAs – not least because he brought his whole family. Paul’s father likened the mood to John Henry Frederick Bacon’s painting “The Wedding Morning,” Felicity Kay, the Irish actor’s stylist, told the British Mode the day after the ceremony. “It shows the bride and groom getting dressed while the family looks on in awe, with all the excitement and anticipation of such an important day,” he said. “And it felt like that: calm, serene and special enough to be a part of it.”

Paul on the river on his way to the BAFTA ceremony at the Royal Festival Hall.

Greg Williams

This is a huge awards season for Paul – which was unknown before his breakout role in the 2020s normal people – who was nominated in the Best Actor category at the BAFTA for his moving performance in Charlotte Wells’ stunning debut film, Evening sun. (Even though he lost that night ElvisAustin Butler, he’s still running for the Oscars next month.) A special night calls for a special look, and Kay and Mescal had just that in mind: a custom Gucci suit complemented by a spectacular 1930s Cartier brooch.

“It’s what I always imagined I’d wear if I was lucky enough to go to a big awards ceremony,” says Paul, who is sure to have countless red carpets in his future. “Gucci made a suit for me a while back, it was so special I had to keep it, and the BAFTAs were the perfect moment. Cartier then showed me a photo of the brooch and it was very elegant – the perfect combination. I love the Old Hollywood feel.”

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