Out the Other Side // Blend is Back


So we are back after the COVID lockdown. However, like most companies today, we weren’t very fast. Right now we have to work around social distancing and COVID safe guidelines. At least we started working in the studio, because I think we’re all a little frustrated here working from home.

As a studio based studio, it’s been quite difficult to cater for all kinds of work at home during the last few months. That said, we did some bits and bobs in the studio that kept us ticking. During a lockdown of about five weeks, we actually did a few projects for our big client, an Advertising Agency working on behalf of The North Face. This work proved to be of great help to us. However, this shoot certainly didn’t have the same feeling as we had to work alone, in isolation and safe from COVID. We send pictures as we take them to clients for comments. We overcame adversity – but it was definitely not ideal.

Most of our staff who can work from home do, some take time off, which certainly helps when work sure does dry up a bit.

But now after lockdown, as far as we’re concerned, things are back to normal. When I say normal, I mean the “new normal”. We keep as much distance from each other (and clients) as possible, 1m+ I think that’s what it’s called. We clean all equipment, and we are currently not providing food and drink for our shoot. We usually do.

The last few weeks and for the two weeks before that, we’ve been looking a bit busy again – that’s good. We are currently shooting for a high-end fragrance company, creating new content for their eCommerce website. Total about 300 shots. They have creative type packages as well as creative styles. We’ll post the finished image for you to view once we know it’s live.

We are happy to be back. All of our staff, I am pleased to report, are healthy and doing well. Our team loves what they do. It’s really frustrating not working as much as we used to. When we’re busy, there’s a buzz and energy in the studio that can’t be beat.

So provided there’s no second lockdown, personally and as a company, we’ve come out the other side unscathed. I definitely feel for companies and individuals who haven’t. It’s been difficult for many people. Of course, Mari hopes there isn’t a second lockdown. If we all do our part, I think, we can avoid it. Stay alert (haha) if you like, keep your distance, wash your hands and don’t hug 🙂

Feel free to call or email for quotes on future photography and videography projects. Let’s move this economy.

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