New York’s Blake Abbie May Look Familiar For This Reason

Netflix’s Bling Empire: New York follows a group of wealthy Asian Americans who lead super flashy lives in NYC. Like the original Bling Empire series, which was presented as a real-life version of Crazy Rich Asians set in Los Angeles, the new cast in the Big Apple also has massive closets, private planes, wild amounts of literal bling, and parties galore.

Hitting the New York scene this time around is the one and only Blake Abbie. Blake is an actor and editor-at-large for an art magazine, and he loves a good fashion moment. He’s definitely down for a good time (and maybe some drama, too).

But who is Blake Abbie, and how did he find himself running around with New York’s elite? Here’s what you need to know about Bling Empire: New York‘s wild child.

Who is Blake Abbie?

Blake is one of the main stars on Bling Empire: New York. His father is Scottish, his mother is Chinese, and he grew up in Canada, according to Mixed Asian Media. He’s also a “familiar face in the fashion industry,” according to WWD.

“In New York, the way that we talk about our ‘bling’ is very different,” Blake told WWD. “I don’t think any of my uber-wealthy friends explicitly show their wealth here. Our bling is different. My bling is cultural bling. I’m a downtown New Yorker. I have amazing friends who are artists and designers doing amazing things. What we have is our little black book with numbers for our contact. For me, I don’t care about having an Hermès Birkin. Do I like a Kelly? Yes, but I don’t need that.”

He’s a 32-year-old Scorpio.

Blake told Queerty that he has Scorpio tendencies. “I’m a Scorpio, so I generally like to keep things private and close to my heart, and since I’m really bearing it all, I have no idea how people are going to accept me—that’s pretty unnerving!” he shared.

Blake also said that he spent “hours talking to my producer to make sure the story they were crafting around me and my life was as real as possible.”

Blake’s dad is Scottish and his mom is Chinese.

Blake opened up about his upbringing to Mixed Asian Media. “My mother is Chinese from Hangzhou and my father is from Scotland, born in Edinburgh,” he said. “I’m a mixture of European and Chinese. A white European blond haired blue-eyed man, and a Chinese gu niang [girl].”

“A lot of time the conversations I have as a mixed-race person in China will be, ‘You don’t look Chinese,’” Blake told Mixed Asian Media. “And in the Western world it will be, ‘Look at your eyes, you’re not completely white.’ In both spaces you’re ‘other.’ My hope is that through mixed-race people being more vocal, we will be accepted more in both spaces.”

He grew up in Canada.

Blake told Mixed Asian Media that he was born in Montreal, later moved to Toronto, and relocated to Vancouver when he was in high school.My mum at some point in my childhood had to move to Hong Kong for work so I would spend some summers in Hong Kong,” he said.

Blake works as an actor and editor.

Blake got his start in the magazine world as a photography assistant and shifted to being an editorial assistant, according to The Cut. He’s now an editor-at-large for A Magazine Curated Byper The Cut.

And while Blake doesn’t have an extensive list of acting credits behind him, he was on a TV show called Meteor Gardenaccording to IMDb.

He speaks English, French, and Mandarin.

Blake told Mixed Asian Media that he grew up speaking several languages. “I spoke English and French, and I spoke to my mum a little bit in Mandarin,” he shared. “My grandparents lived with us at one point and they speak Hangzhou dialect and Mandarin.”

What is his net worth?

It’s not totally clear. However, some sources put his net worth somewhere between $3 to $5 million.

check out Bling Empire: New York, streaming now on Netflix, to get to the full peek into Blake Abbie’s luxe life.

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