New Flash Repair Shop in Las Vegas!

Heading to favorite place, Las Vegas, next month. Will be doing a lighting workshop with a spin, and a really amazing spin are the very talented, experienced and amazing performers we’ll be photographing. Viva Las Vegas Workshop!

It’s a pleasure to work again with Joli Irvine, and her equally amazing sister, Alexi, who both bring such grace and physique to the lens. Veterans of a number of Vegas shows (they are at Revival, a new show at Wynn) and the Amazing Mrs. Maisel, the two of them, along with many other talented artists, will come together for our workshops in various locations. The amazing duo below, Wayne and Kat, will also be working with us!

Joli will be our “talent matchmaker” for the week, as she knows a lot of the players and has unique resources that we can take advantage of. And we’ll offer a twist! He will be guest lecturer for our photographers to start the week.

In most workshops, you are given a model and you have time to work together, and the process goes well. But it struck me, remembering Joli’s experience in front of the camera, that it would really help if she sat down and talked to all of us about what talent needs most from the eyes and minds behind the camera. Direction, of course, but also connection, dialogue, and an ongoing commitment to excellence in the craft and a clear view of what the image’s creative purpose is.

Alexi and Joli combined forces to produce (besides being on stage every night) an amazing health and wellness advisor called The Wellness Blend. With Mike Cali, our former crew chief, on a visit to Joli’s home, we sampled her healthy, patented oatmeal breakfast. Haven’t had good oatmeal since.

Get ready to dive into lighting, shooting, location strategy and overall camera skills in a glamorous and energetic Las Vegas setting!

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