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My Seville camera bag

This is what I carried in my Lowepro Passport Sling for a week of street and travel photography in Seville. In addition to the Leica SL2-S and Vario-Elmarit-SL 1:2.8/24-70 ASPH standard zoom, I carry two additional primes: the TTArtisan 50mm .95 M-Mount (with Novoflex M to L adapter) “Nifty Fifty” and as vintage telephoto lens (Made in the GDR) Pentacon auto 2.8 / 135mm MC (with Novoflex M42 to L adapter). Add a spare battery, my cleaning kit, and some of my Street Photographer Business Cards. To find out which lenses never fit into the camera and why I don’t carry a spare body in my Seville camera bag, continue after the jump….

In the past, I always carried a backup corpse when going on vacation. For the possibility of the main camera failing. Which happened to me only once, when my newly purchased Leica SL2-S disappointed me on the second day of my Israel vacation last year. At the time, I had an 11-year-old Leica M (Type 240) as a backup camera, but ended up shooting most of the rides with my iPhone 12 Pro, because an antique digital rangefinder with a “prehistoric” low-res rear display was (still) a fine tool. for street photography. But it has (for me) its limitations when it comes to shooting all-around travel shots.

But the iPhone 14 Pro camera has taken another significant leap in capabilities (3x optical zoom, super wide angle, awesome low-light shots) from the iPhone 12. And image quality is once again greatly improved with 48MP raw files. So it doesn’t hurt to just rely on the 14 Pro as a backup. This time, Leica held up well. I really enjoy using it, but mix it up with a lot of iPhone snapshots.

Most of the Leica images are taken with the versatile 24-70mm lens. The perfect focus range for travel photography, especially in cities. Especially after dark I use the TTArtisan 50mm .05, my night vision lens. Awesome for street photography at night. The lens that I brought with me but never used was 135mm. During the week I never felt the need to attach a telephoto lens. So after the second day staying in a safe hotel, and will be staying home for future city trips.

So that’s what I carry in my Seville camera bag. If you want to share your city travel arrangements, please comment below.

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