Mighty Statue – Stuck in Customs

Photo of the Day – Mighty Statue

Where three seas meet at the southern tip of India, you’ll find this massive statue beyond the oceans. I took this at sunrise one morning after we got off the train. It was a confusing morning as the train rumbled along the tracks all night then we got off at around 4am. It’s all a bit disconcerting to wake up at 4am! Then it’s even more confusing to navigate India’s small, congested roads on dark mornings. I didn’t know what I was actually looking at until a little light hit the scene, and then I was completely blown away!

Tina, my first wife, as I liked to call her when we were married, had a little panic attack here. Our youngest, Scarlett, got lost in the throngs of tourists. We found her about a minute later and sure enough, being a true extrovert, Scarlett wasn’t worried at all and didn’t even notice!

Photo Information

  • Date Taken01-09-2016 01:33:12
  • CameraH5D
  • Camera MakeHasselblad
  • exposure time3
  • Aperture5.6
  • ISO400
  • focal length70.0mm
  • flash
  • Exposure ProgramManuals
  • Exposure Bias

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