Marriage Marriage Registry Office – Dayna & Alex

Dayna and Alex’s wedding at the Adelaide Marriages Registration Office was a small, low-key family event with close relatives attending to witness this beautiful couple tie the knot.

It was a beautiful day with amazing weather and bright smiles from all in attendance, what a joy to be a part of!

Wedding Ceremony Adelaide Marriage Registry Office

The small, unassuming chapel on the second floor of the city’s Office of Marital Birth and Death served as the backdrop for Dayna and Alex’s small wedding ceremony in front of their family and friends.

I was asked to arrive at 3:30 a.m. – so imagine my surprise to see everyone heading into the chapel when I turned up early (as I usually do for those situations!) Thankfully their guests entered the chapel so they could go to the back. door and do their paper work while we wait for them to be announced.

Like most Marriage Registry Office weddings, their ceremony was short and sweet, which allowed us to get to the glamor shots quicker.

Glamor’s photo

Dayna and Alex were staying at the Richmond hotel and their car was parked across from the Rundle Mall. This allowed us to use the delightful Adelaide Arcade for a few photos, along with some choice blank walls while walking to their car for the short ride to Himeji park on the south terrace.

I wanted to take some pictures of their cute little baby girl who couldn’t stop smiling all day long, and we certainly achieved the first one! The simplest baby photo I’ve ever taken – he’s so happy smiling all the time!

Himeji Park is always spectacular on sunny days like this, and as a bonus they were quiet enough that we could explore the whole park! This was actually quite convenient as we also had our little one with us, which meant he was dropped off in his stroller every now and then so Mom and Dad could get a few photos of just the two of them.

The best thing about Himeji garden is how the sun shines through the stunning Japanese foliage allowing for a beautiful lens flare if I align my camera just right. Everything went beautifully!

Thank you so much Dayna and Alex for asking me to cover your intimate little Office of the Registry of Marriages wedding! I really enjoyed myself and I hope you guys like your photos!

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