Making a Different Image on a Bright Sunny Day

Creating images on a bright, sunny day is challenging. When there are no clouds in the sky, it is ideal for going to the beach, but not suitable for photography. I love taking on this challenge and concentrating on creating different images on a sunny day.

How to Create an Image Like This?

The key to getting an image like this is to wait for the sun to move from directly overhead to a place that illuminates your subject from the side.

This image was taken on a sunny winter afternoon. My previous image was dominated by high contrast of light and shadow with bright sunlight directly overhead. I was patient and waited for the sun to move lower in the sky, leaving the subject illuminated more from the sides than from above.

What about Background?

Look for a plain, evenly lit background. In this case it is the part of the fence that is near total shadow. This provides a simple plain background where the subject stands out.

Shooting direction?

To create this image, I shot almost directly at the sun. This keeps the subject in shadow and highlights the edge of the light in the figure. Don’t be afraid to shoot in the sun. While there, you can also create an interesting image using the subject’s shadow. As the sun moves lower in the sky, its shadows are longer and provide more choices.

Wait for Action

Set the background that you will use to make your image, then be patient! Take some test shots. Wait for the action to happen where you know it will work. You will be well on your way to creating different images on a sunny day.

Thank you for reading. The next time you’re out with your camera on a sunny day, see if you can take some completely different pictures.

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