MAFS stars Melinda and Layton reveal honeymoon row ‘they didn’t show’ in series

layton, melinda, married at first sight australia

MAFS stars Melinda and Layton on unaired argumentnine

Married at First Sight Australia stars Melinda Willis and Layton Mills have recalled an argument from their honeymoon that producers “didn’t show” in the series.

Melinda and Layton relayed the incident while appearing together on the Back to Reality podcast, hosted by former MAFS star Al Perkins and Love Island Australia star Taku Chimwaza.

The couple were opening up on how their fiery natures caused a lot of arguments “off camera”, with Melinda remembering one particular fight from the honeymoon.

“On our honeymoon, they didn’t show this, but in the honeymoon box he said I wasn’t his type because he likes natural girls,” Melinda said. “And they didn’t show it.”

layton, melinda, married at first sight australia


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“That’s not true. That is a bit of an exaggeration,” Layton was quick to reply, as he explained how the response was prompted from a time the two weren’t getting along.

“When we first started, like the first few weeks, most of our bonding was done off camera, because we kept fighting off camera,” he continued.

“And our producers would get so upset, because they’d be like ‘Guys we can’t follow what’s happening, because last night you guys were great, this morning you don’t want to look at each other. What is going on ?’.”

Layton explained that the initial stages were “quite hard” for the couple owing to their personalities.

“We’re very similar and very combative sometimes and stubborn. So the first few weeks, navigating that was hard.”

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Thankfully, it seems, Melinda was able to forgive Layton for his honeymoon confession, because despite all the fighting fans saw on the show, the two are still very much together today.

In fact, the two are moving in together soon. Layton went on to admit on the podcast that he’d been busy “packing up my life here in Sydney”.

The groom is planning to relocate to Melinda’s hometown of Brisbane in the not too distant future.

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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