Lockdown Photo – Stay At The Summer House

2020 – Summer Stay At Home from Lockdown Photo.

We’ve done water fights, Obstacle Course, Spell Tests, Zoom Quiz, Baking Banana Bread, Driveway Drinking, Doorstep Portraits, Daily Walks, Painting Rainbows, Homeschooling, Crafternoons, Car Washes, NHS Cheers, Making Masks, Sunbathing, Riding In Watching Movies, Finally Finding Time To Read, Leaving Year 6 Without A Fanfare, Starting High School With A Crying Mother, Skateboarding, Poppy Field Hunt, Garden Yoga, Homemade Barbecue, And Birthdays With Yoda Cakes!

We even arranged a mini trip to Croyde, dodging the rain and capturing the best sunsets on the sand dunes with saris in hand and friends by our sides (and hey, I actually left my camera at home for that one and enjoyed the holidays instead. – still not sure how I feel about that! 😉 )

We’ve done our best to Flatten the Curve and managed to Fatten the Curve! (Damn you Project D!)

This wasn’t the year we had planned, but I made sure to keep my camera busy and being creative makes me happy too.

I didn’t do the things I planned to do – it’s still on my to-do list – learn to play an instrument, follow a blog, finally get my SEO figured out, get fit, come out of lockdown 2 stone lighter!

But the stuff we did, it was so amazing and really having that time together was so special. (Even if a hurdle keeps Jason out of action for 6 months – lesson learned – jumping fences can take a toll on knee ligaments!)

So here they are, my actual Best Collection of 2020, personal shots that I may look back on in the years to come and remember that 2020 may have been a slightly underwhelming show, but we’re taking it in stride. , rolled with the punches and did a really good job!

Isolated photo of girl reading book in bathtub and enjoying summer sunshine in park during Covid Lockdown 2020

So much time is spent in our garden – playing on the trampoline every day and lying in the sun reading a book.

Have you seen my Doorstep Portrait blog? I have the best time getting out and about every day and taking pictures of all this family in their doorways and in some cases through their windows!

Photo of young girl with blonde hair bouncing on a trampoline Photo on Sutton Coldfield during Covid Lockdown for Isolation Portraits, rainbow in the window Girl playing chess in the park home schooling during the Covid Stay at Home isolation period 2020 Girl jumping in the air with an umbrella in Sutton Park.  Lockdown Photo Stay At Home Summer

2020 VE Day Celebration

2020 is the year of make do right? We couldn’t have the celebration we wanted but we made do with what we could and VE Day was no different.

We were staying on the main road but the road that runs beside us had some street celebrations so we stopped by for some music, camped for an hour on the sidewalk and enjoyed a bit of singing with the neighbours!

2020 VE Day celebrations with families grilling in front of doors and driveways while neighbors play bagpipes in the street. Young girl applauding the NHS on the street during Lockdown Photos Stay At Home Summer Children playing together in steam during summer Girl dyes her hair pink and stains her hands Barbecue in the garden with corn on the cob;  hooded children graduating from primary schools in Birmingham;  Sandon Hall Drive In Cinema, Great British Drive In Lockdown Photos Stay At Home Summer

Frankie’s last days at school weren’t the ones he expected – no leave parties, no proper farewells and no gatherings, but lying in a muddy river seemed like a problem, so we did it!

So grateful for Sutton Park on our doorstep and a park to enjoy 🙂

Three photos of girls dressed as Where's Wally, a young refugee in school uniform on the first day of high school Having fun in the park on the paddling pool, mother and daughter laughing together Stay At Home Summer Lockdown Photo Girl in mask welder Locked Photo Stay At Summer House Fire in the garden and girl dancing on the table, two separate photos taken during self-isolation during Covid Lockdown. Girl in a poppy field wearing a creme wool jumper during Stay At Home Lockdown 2020

Lockdown Photo – Summer House Stay and Birthday Party

Little Frankie (don’t know how long I can call him that!) is 11 years old and luckily, his birthday happened during one of the more relaxed periods which meant we were able to invite some of his friends around to the park. for a small birthday party.

Prior to that she went to the Cliff Lakes Water Sports Center, where all the girls insisted they didn’t need wet clothes and braved the freezing water while practicing their high pitch screams!

Kids party at Cliff Lakes Watersports Center in Birmingham, sliding down a waterslide and running around a huge balloon in wetsuits during the Covid 2020 Lockdown Couple hug for camera

We waited and waited and finally got a support bubble which meant Frankie had to hug Nanny and Grandad, it didn’t last long as Lockdown 2.0 was approaching but the hugs back then were pretty awesome!

Grandma and Grandpa hug for the first time after the Stay At Home Summer Photo Lockdown Party photo at girl's 11th birthday party with Yoda cake.  During Summer 2020 in Lockdown Stay At Home Girl opens birthday gift wearing orange Billie Eilish t-shirtMother and daughter laughing together and daughter jumping in puddle in rain during lockdown on Stay at Home Summer of 2020

It’s been a year that will go down in history as pretty awful, but discovering the highs and facing the lows has taught us a lot about our little family and I’m so happy to have these memories, good and bad (but mostly good), for looking back as we remember 2020.


Do you want me to come and take a picture of your family?

I offer lifestyle shots at home as well as family shots on location – I can’t wait to see my camera snapping all of you after last year, so contact me on my contact page and let me know who your crew is!

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