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Lanterna - Genova's historic lighthouse
La Lantern | Genoa | 2004

With two weeks of vacation behind us, The Significant Other and I are back to jobs that pay the bills today. But we are still driven by the memories we made visiting friends in the Austrian and Swiss Alps and, among other things, spending the first days in our new “second home” in Genoa. As a living room decoration, we decided to put up a large photo of Genoa’s historic lighthouse – La Lanterna – printed on 47×32 inch (120×80 cm) canvas.

One of my favorite La Lanterna images is one I took in 2004 during a winter sunset with my first digital camera, the Minolta Dimage A1. Looking back at the images in Lightroom Classic, I realized that the quality of an 18 year old digital photo may not be up to today’s standards, and may not be suitable for large-scale prints. Fortunately, Lightroom Classic offers the possibility to enlarge any image to double its original size, so I was able to increase the resolution to a modern 5210×3840. Changing the calibration process (in the development module) from the original V1 to the current V5, I was also able to use modern Lightroom capabilities to clean up noise in the original photo and improve clarity and color. Exporting the old image to a 2023 clone, I got a clean 10.4MB file at 300dpi, perfect for large prints.

La Lanterna, as we still see today, was built in its present form in 1543, replacing an earlier building on the same rock. It is the third oldest lighthouse in the world and, for more than 350 years, also the tallest lighthouse in the world.

Have a good start this week!


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