Ivanka Trump chatted with Prince William at Jordan’s royal wedding

Blink and you could have missed Ivanka Trump amid the crowd of world leaders and international royals at the so-called wedding of the year: The marriage of Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II of Jordan and his fiancée Rajwa Al Seif.

But the controversial daughter of former President Donald Trump was there, specifically spotted at the wedding reception Thursday in a long, blue gown. At one point, the former White House senior adviser was also seen schmoozing with Prince William, while his wife, Kate Middleton, walked ahead, Page Six reported.

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner made an under-the-radar appearance at the wedding, perhaps trying to avoid too much attention because the couple remain polarizing figures in the United States and beyond.

It’s interesting that someone captured a photo of Ivanka Trump and Prince William chatting. She didn’t enjoy the privilege of being seen with him and the Princess of Wales when she visited Buckingham Palace in 2019, as part of her father’s presidential entourage. Ivanka and Jared attended a lunch at Buckingham Palace with the late Queen Elizabeth II and a state dinner at the palace, but they weren’t featured in official portraits from either of those events.

Other high-profile figures at the glitzy ceremony in Jordan included First Lady Jill Biden, who was there to represent her husband Joe Biden and the United States. It’s not likely that Jill Biden would have wanted to be seen with Ivanka Trump, given that Ivanka Trump’s father tried to overturn the results of Biden’s 2016 presidential victory by claiming, without evidence, that he was the victim of election fraud.

While Ivanka Trump appeared to stay under the radar at the wedding, she didn’t shy away from announcing her presence at the celebration the following day by posting a photo of her and Kushner in their elegant reception attitude on Instagram stories. She wished the newlyweds congratulations on their “beautiful wedding day.”

It’s unclear how Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are connected to Hussein and his bride, Page Six said. However, Ivanka Trump hosted the crown prince’s mother, Queen Rania, for a meeting at her Trump Tower office in New York City in 2017, days before her father became president, Page Six reported.

CNN also reported that the bride, Rajwa Alseif, comes from one of Saudi Arabia’s prominent business families and is related to that country’s crown prince and de facto ruler, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). Jared Kushner is known to be friends with bin Salman and controversially secured a $2 billion investment from a fund led by the Saudi crown prince, six months after leaving his job as a White House senior adviser, as the New York Times reported.

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