Introducing: The Artists CEO Podcast!

I had a conversation with one of my Brand Photography Academy students a few months ago, and he said something that has stuck with me- he talked about how much he likes CPAs teaching you how to shoot brand photos, but it’s a constant thread around the world . just teach you how to be a better business owner. He said he felt he had a better handle on how to run the business side of things, not just the photography side… and it made me realize that I LOVE teaching artists how to think like a CEO.

Because I fight at the start of my business. I’m willing to ignore the numbers because I prefer to focus on the creative side. I’m sticking to my “artist” title and using that as an excuse why I shouldn’t focus so much on marketing or admin. And then because I don’t run my business like a CEO, according to one of my listeners “I’m sinking, wondering how to tame this beast I created.”

There is a quote attributed to Jim Kwik- If you fight for your limitations, you must defend them.

I could sit there and make excuses all day why the business wasn’t growing the way I wanted it to, and how it wasn’t my fault that I had to work too hard.

But at the end of my whining session, I was still in the same place — overworked and disorganized, tired and overwhelmed. I want to grow and develop and reach the people I really want to reach, I need to put my big pants on and stop acting like me just creative- I am also the CEO of my business.

You can be both. You don’t have to choose between the two.

It’s up to you to decide- do you want to be starving artist? Or would you rather be a creative business owner who decides when and how much they work, who they work with, and how much they get paid for their time?

Introduce CEO Artisan Podcast- where the art of photography meets the business of profit.

Artisan CEO Podcast with Abby Grace

This podcast is an exploration of what it takes to run your creative business like a well oiled machine, instead of letting it run you. I am SO SUPPORTED by the many reviews, DMs, and feedback I receive from listeners!

We launched with four episodes and keep adding new ones weekly- I missed the blog (playing catch up for the next few weeks!), so season one actually ends with Episode 12, coming next Monday.

So the new good thing is, you can go party [almost the entire] first season now :).

Join me on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you want to listen– see you in Episode 1!

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