Inspirational Photography Ideas To Try This Spring

Spring is one of the best times to capture colorful and cheerful photos. It is a time when everything comes to life, and the beautiful outdoors is filled with amazing bright colors, fragrances and beautiful soft lights. Depending on where you live, spring might be early or late, and for the Southern Hemisphere, fall might also be a great time for photography.

Here are some inspiring photography ideas you can try this spring.

As days get warmer during spring, photographers like to spend more time shooting outdoors. Spring colors are something not to be missed, and can help enhance one’s photography portfolio. This article from Bob Books looks at 10 tips for spring photography.

pale pink floral bokeh
Photo by Foad Roshan

The opportunities to photograph things during spring are endless – from flower photos to portraits, macro, abstracts, wildlife, landscapes, etc., the list goes on and on. If you’re wondering what to shoot or just have no ideas, here are 10 more spring photography ideas to inspire you. This article is brought to you by the School of Digital Photography.

beginner tree retro aesthetic
Photo by Markus Spiske

Flowers are a highlight of spring, and you can easily capture their beauty with a little effort. However, the tiny flowers of the season usually go unnoticed, and if you look or take a closer look, you’ll see how these tiny subjects can be photographed for stunning results. This article by Albert Dros looks at 13 suggestions for photographing tiny spring flowers.

small white flower green background
Photo by Andreas Gown

Animals, insects and other creatures that hibernate or become less active during the winter return to their normal lives during the spring. This is one of the best times to capture vibrant and cheerful wildlife photos with colorful spring blooms in the background, foreground, etc. This article from Nature TTL looks at some ideas for wildlife photography during the spring season.

cute yellow bird
Photo by Ray Hennessy

As the landscape and flora begin to change color, and the sun shines gently, making everything shine, this is the perfect time to capture lifestyle photos if you are an outdoor person and spend most of your time outdoors. Portraits are generally taken during this season, but not much thought is given to lifestyle photography in spring. Here is a guide from Shutter Stock that covers 4 tips for shooting spring lifestyle photography

picnic with cats
Photo by Maria Lupan

During spring, the days start to get longer, and colors start to return to the landscape. If you are someone who dreads the winter chill and stays indoors, it’s time to dust off your camera to explore the great outdoors and capture vibrant spring landscapes. This article looks at some suggestions and inspiration for spring landscape photography and comes to you from The Landscape Photo Guy.

spring color
Photo by Pamela Heckel

Apart from gardens and other landscapes, the forest floor is also covered with beautiful flowers in spring. Photographing forests can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and come back home with some amazing wilderness shots. You may even be lucky to see some wildlife during this trip. This video by Simon Baxter, shared by Photofocus, has some ideas on preparing for spring photography in the woods.

purple flower in the forest
Photo by Nick Fewings

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