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Back seat passengers
Passenger | Genoa | 2023

Sometimes you’re wandering the streets with camera in hand, and you wonder what’s going to happen next. Then something caught your attention. Looks real. But it wasn’t. Illusion. you photograph it. Then you see another… and another…. and you have a small circuit….

Sardines on a cobblestone
stranded | Genoa | 2023

I’ll tell you that the reflection of a house in a puddle is rather commonplace. Puddle shooting is nothing new on this blog, you can read about it here. The sardines in plaster and the bearded man looking out the rear seat window are more refined. One is a large oil painting of a fish displayed in the window of a small gallery, with the wet plaster reflecting off the glass and thus superimposed over the Sardines. The other (and my favorite of the three) is a poster of two musicians from an upcoming musical that reflects, very fittingly, in the backseat window of a passing car.

All of this is photoshootable, but it’s great fun capturing the illusion in person and as it happens. It trains the photographer’s eye. Daily visual push-ups….

Liquid House
Submerged | Genoa | 2023

I hope you feel inspired, want to grab your camera and go hunting for your own illusions. Additional ideas on what to aim for can be found in my free Learning Center.

Enjoy your Sunday


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